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Happy Thanksgiving

Thursday, November 25th, 2010

I hope everyone is enjoying this holiday, even if you don’t celebrate this particular holiday, which I realize many don’t.  It’s still a great excuse to have the day off.  As an added treat, I am including some pics from the original GomezPatchouly, which Google deleted several months ago.  As you know, if a picture is really hot, I have no problem looking at it over and over again… and neither should you.  Don’t eat too much, today.

The Beauty Of The Beast

Wednesday, November 10th, 2010

Oh, how I love a fine looking cock…as if there is any other kind.  It is a beauty to behold and a beast to hold.  Some of my most intense and pleasurable memories revolve around the cocks I have seen and held and tasted.  Of course, pictures are a limiting substitute for the actual feel of a dick, but these photos help crystallize the memories.


Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010

Here is the highest detail photo ever taken of those boiling waves on the Sun.  Called spicules, they are huge electromagnetic tubes that spew super heated matter to the surface of the Sun at 50,000 kilometers per hour.  And strangely beautiful, they are.

More Hot Stuff

Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010

Even as we experience our first cool weather of the year here in Texas.

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