What’s The Point?

Yesterday, I received an email from a well known website informing me that I was in breach of copyright by posting some of their photos and was told to remove them at once.  Well, I’ve spent a couple of hours trolling through my archives looking for the offending material and deleting them.  There were a one or two that had identifying tags or watermarks, but the majority had no way of identifying their source.  How am I supposed to know where these photos originated? I got them off other blogs. I don’t want to steal anyone’s property or break any laws. This is just a hobby, this silly photo blog.  I don’t advertise and I receive no financial support to keep this blog running.  I pay for the host server and url. I really can’t think of why I do this blog except for some personal enjoyment.  If I have fans or visitors or whatever you call them, I only hope I can give them some measure of entertainment. I surely don’t want to step on toes or incur the wrath of some website by posting their material. I am seriously considering just leaving the blogisphere and closing GomezPatchouly down. Perhaps I am being too sensitive or making too big a deal out of this.  I just don’t know how to proceed.  If pictures are not marked or identified, then I have no way of knowing who they belong to.  This blog, what I used to enjoy and love about it, is slipping away. I have not made my decision yet, and I guess I will sleep on it.  If I do close down, it will be gone. I don’t want to be answering angry emails for the next 5 years for a blog I no longer post.  I’ll let you all know my decision in a few days. As always, I love all of you.

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  1. Larry says:

    Hang in there buddy. As a fan of your site from Vancouver B.C., I feel it would be a shame to see a quality blog like yours disappear. You may have to stay away from some obviously big name studios, but you will always have the defense of not knowing. Maybe check for any meta-data associated with the file. That may help. That said, if you remove a photo when so requested you will be safe. That still leaves a world of content waiting to be discovered. Keep up your excellent presentations of male beauty- I’m waiting…

  2. Glenn says:

    I have seen several blogs with the same “complaint” you received. I can see their point, but I also think it’s free advertisement for their websites. If I see a photo with a watermark that I like I check it out. So with me, they are losing a potential customer. Go figure.

  3. Jack Scribe says:

    If a picture’s not watermarked or if a person wants his pictures pulled for personal reasons, I don’t see a problem. You have excellent taste and I enjoy you postings.

  4. Dennis says:

    I’m sure this must be discouraging for you but your blog is great and I look forward to it. We seem to have similar tastes. I would hate to see you close it but I understand that you can only put up with so much frustration over something that is supposed to be enjoyable for you. You will be greatly missed though.

  5. T2000 says:

    Keep it up, don’t let the losers get to you, you’ve got a great site!! Don’t let them win!!

  6. Blue says:

    You are not alone. Quite literally thousands of websites and blog sites have either been told to remove certain material or simply shut down. The biggest one I know of that went after several sites in an FBI backed lawsuit was, … RB… rhymes with sandy glue =P even without a watermark or logo attacked to the pics, they claimed ownership for the site exclusive photos. The way photos get placed on free pic sites is by licensing with either paid or advertisement options.

    There is no such a thing as professional sites offerring free images. Someone down the road paid to use them or has the right to use them. Just don’t post any pics with logo’s attached, or water marks, and don’t post any site specific exclusive content without proof of ownership. Maybe start a new hobby… grab a camera and start snapping =D there… your own site exclusive pics…

  7. Dude! Don’t quit. Your blog is one of just a few blogs I check every month on the 1st just for my own eyeball pleasure. I’m learning to be a photographer (by myself-too old for school!) and one thing I believe is that these men are getting naked hoping to find jobs and love, not to make the photographer famous. I do not copyright, but put my contact info on the photos just in case someone wants to contact me or the model. It’s my hope that some of my pictures WILL get downloaded and used, and you are welcome to use any of mine if you ever think there is anything worth showing. xoxo’s

  8. David says:

    When a studio or photographer complains, simply ask them to copy and send you the photos or page numbers of the images that they want off your blog. They shouldn’t expect you to accept a general complaint. However, Colt seems to be the studio which complains the most about use. Most blog entries are protected under “fair use” laws as long as there isn’t copyright text on the image.

    Some blog posters will edit the watermarks or copyright texts out, so you wouldn’t be at fault for re-posting them as long as you didn’t know it was copyrighted work.

    You might turn the complaint around if you offered to put the studio’s link on the photo’s webpage. In other words…make lemonade!

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